Designing Your Custom Bikini

So you want to design your own bikini? Here's how:

Designing your bikini starts out with picking the style you want to purchase. To see our recommendations based on style and size, see our Style Guide. To start shopping for the style you want, you'll need to head on over to our Custom Shop where you can browse our products.

Next, you'll choose your colors. Some bikinis have extra things you can customize, like a removable tie or a metallic banded strap. To explore our current color offerings, head on over to our Color Guide. You can also find a color guide under each product listing--usually it's the 4th picture in each product. 

When you've decided what color combos and style you would like to order, you'll select the colors by scrollig through the options listed on the product. 

Then, you'll enter your Bra Size (ex: 36D) or US Pant Size (ex: 2,8,13) in the correlating box. We are size inclusive. If you are above a size 14 pant, we might reach out to you to provide measurements so we can create a bikini that is perfect for you.

If you're in between sizes or you're not sure what your size is, please leave us a note at checkout. We'll be sure to email you back asap!

All prints and colors are limited and we usually don't stock them for more than 2 months. Shop before they're gone for good!




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