About Us

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Blue House Bikinis is a collection of thoughtfully-crafted, seamless, and reversible handmade bikinis. We cater to the young woman who embraces her figure and wants a bikini to do the same.

Blue House was created because of the desire to wear functional and fun bikinis that couldn't be found in the nearest retail store. Our founder, Amanda Brocksmith trained as a competitive swimmer for 11 years in Florida so she knows that young women want a multi-dimensional, cheeky bikini that flatters and stays put while romping around in the water or relaxing on the sand.

The pattern positioning of each piece varies, resulting in a unique look to each bikini. All bikinis are made to order, which allows us to focus on taking care of the customer and the craftsmanship of each bikini.

We encourage you to explore the edge of your comfort zone and to live life in a bikini--a Blue House Bikini, that is.



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