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#BlueHouseBabe: Vanessa Vlandis

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#BlueHouseBabe: Vanessa Vlandis

Meet our #BlueHouseBabe of the Month, Vanessa. She's a Florida girl & student at the University of Florida with talent both in front of and behind the camera. We were lucky enough to fit in her suitcase as she traveled to Mykonos, Greece where she was surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes filled with white exteriors and endless blue hues. Get to know this all natural beauty by reading her exclusive Q&A below

Vanessa is wearing a Small in the Thong Pacific One Piece in Oasis

Photos by Drew (@DrewKHoward) & Sam Howard (@zimkhoward)

Vanessa vlandis for blue house bikinis in the pacific one piece bikini


Q: Describe yourself in 3 words:

A: Creative, Caring, Adventurous

 Q: What do you love about Blue House Bikinis?

A:  I love the positive attitude and good vibes the brand portrays on their account. I also love how you use real people and not girls with straight up unattainable bodies that leave half of your followers feeling sub-par about themselves.


Q: How did you get into photography? Do you enjoy being behind or in front of the camera more?

A: During middle school, my dad bought a Nikon D60. I quickly took it from him and started taking pictures. He was always supportive and told me I had a ‘creative eye.’ In the eighth grade, I bought myself my own camera, a Canon 60D and it’s the same one I use today. Throughout high school, I used that camera to photograph sports games, friends, and everything in-between. At first, I was made fun of, but today, the same people comment on how nice they think my pictures are.  

I certainly love being both in front and behind the camera. I have to say, it’s a 50/50 sort of deal. I can be taking pictures of you trying to get the best photo/angle and once I think I've gotten it I like to encourage the model to become the photographer and take some of me too. Just so that both the model and the photographer can understand the scenario and lighting and then proceed the shoot from there. The photos usually come out better that way.


blue house bikinis pacific one piece bikini by vanessa vlandis

 Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you?

A: I would bring my camera, my drone, and my best friend. Oh, a number of the beautiful things I could capture!
Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

A: My ideal friday night is going to ‘The Basement’ (pretty much the HQ of a clothing company I work for, Always True). There’s always a bunch of people who come in and out constantly. Whether it is a rapper, artist, singer, model, pianist, entrepreneur etc there is always something inspiring to be a part of. I love to go there, edit photos, take some, and vibe to good music. I swear, it’s the twilight zone down there. You walk in at 5pm and the next thing you know it’s 3am. It’s amazing.


 Q: What have you just binge watched on Netflix?

A: I love Game Of Thrones (yes i know, not on Netflix), but i’ve also binged Grey’s, Prison Break, Burn Notice, House of Cards, Bloodline, Flash, etc … i’m really not that picky.
Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?
A: I loooooove food trucks. Love them. I will drive MILES for them. I do not know why, but the concept of having food on wheels is amazing.

vanessa vlandis for blue house bikinis blog pacific one piece in oasis


Q: What’s something people might not guess about you?

A: I have a toe thumb! Y’know the type of thumb Megan Fox has. Yeah, I have hot girl (toe) thumbs.

Q: Tell us about your current & upcoming travels!

A: This summer I’m studying abroad in Madrid! I’ll be traveling as much as I possibly can! I just came back from Greece and have Ibiza planned. Other than that, nothing else. I really would love to go to Morocco though!

 Q: Where else can we follow your adventures? 

A: You can follow my adventures on my snap and insta @vvlandis. Also, the company I work for--most of my content gets posted to their accounts so @alwaystrueco on Instagram and Snapchat shows off a bunch of my content and a bunch of kids just doing what they love.




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